VAGAR is a work originally created for the inauguration of the cultural and gastronomic project A Central, in the centenary building CentoeQuatro, which is part of the Praça da Estação Architectural Complex. The saying “O Tempo Leva Tempo” [Time Takes Time] was taken from one of my father's poems, the northeast poet, Murilo Gomes. I chose it because it abbreviates memories and imaginaries of the above-mentioned building where the work was conceived. The piece – which is also a sign, which is also a chandelier – invites the passer-by to go around it and wander through the infinity of time.

✱ 1.5m in diameter
Acrylic structure and luminous sign in glass and neon gas

The work is currently installed in the cultural space of Sesc Palladium in Belo Horizonte.