Teatro Invertido
10 Anos

Throughout its long trajectory, the Grupo Teatro Invertido has played an important role in the history of theater and culture in Belo Horizonte. On the company's 10th anniversary, we were invited to create a series of commemorative posters that would translate the close relationship between the group and the city. The photographic images reveal some subtleties: from the concrete of the emblematic Praça da Estação to the remaining wall of a house demolished in the process of removals for the expansion of an avenue. Through these images, we suggest another point of view of our surroundings, the trajectory of the group, and the city where we live. The posters were printed in silkscreen and also feature typographic work based on the initials of the names of the company's shows.

Project specifics

Graphic project

Filipe Lampejo


Elisa Maria

Portfolio photography

Mateus Lustosa