Dramaturgias de

Dramaturgias de [Re(e)xistências] brings together two texts by playwright Éder Rodrigues, partner of the Grupo Mayombe de Teatro. The book also includes texts by the founder and artistic director of the group, Sara Rojo, and critical texts by the actor and Doctor of Literature, Marcos Alexandre.

The book’s graphic design project is organized around symbolic references to the published texts. The xerox, the typographic expression, and the black adhesive strips, widely used in documents, letters, and manifestos, establish a dialogue with the aesthetics and resources of the politics of resistance in Latin America. In opposition to the oppressive movements of erasure of memory, the project proposes to be an important archive in time. The grid establishes a vertical band in the center of the book, where index information is displayed through the monospaced TR Courier New typographic font, as an allusion to typewriters.

16,5 x 21cm - 184 pages

Project specifics

Graphic project

Filipe Costa, João Emediato e Matheus Brisola (estagiário)


Grupo Mayombe de Teatro



Portfolio photography

Mateus Lustosa