Quer ver

Gold at the Brasil Design Award (2021)

In 2020, we were invited to create the visual identity for the play Quer Ver Escuta by Grupo Galpão, one of the most important companies in the Brazilian theater scene. Directed by Marcelo Castro and Vinícius de Souza, the company's 25th production brings the living Brazilian contemporary poetry to the scene.

The origin of Grupo Galpão is linked to the experimentation of languages. We were interested in thinking about design as a creative tool in the creation of the play, which in turn had the objective of taking the word off the paper, giving it body and voice, color and form. We proposed graphic experimentation exercises for actors, with a lot of freedom in writing and drawing, inspired by poems and by the title of the play. We organized photo shots motivated by the performativity exercises they had been working on. This resulted in an extensive visual repertoire (among posters, gifs, videos) that reveals less the final product of the play and more the creative process of the company. Thus, in an unprecedented way in the group's visual identity, the graphic material is as performative as the poster piece.

Project specifics

Graphic project

Filipe Lampejo e Rita Davis

Art co-director

João Emediato


Mateus Lustosa

✱ Poster series

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