Teatro Latino-Americano
em Diálogo

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The book Teatro Latino-Americano em Diálogo: Produção e Visibilidade, by Sara Rojo, analyzes aspects of Chilean dramaturgy in three historical periods (before the military coup in Chile, a period of Latin American dictatorships and neoliberalism), linking it to theater works from countries such as Brazil, Argentina and Colombia.

One of the challenges in creating the book was to graphically translate the concepts used by the author to think about theater and politics in Latin America. The line drawing of the juxtaposed maps was engraved on the cover, symbolizing the border relations and dialogue between countries. Along with this tactile effect, the audacious option for the absence of color reinforces the provocation about (in)visibility, another key concept in the creation of the project.

16 x 22cm - 232 pages

Project specifics

Garphic project

Filipe Costa, João Emediato e Matheus Brisola (estagiário)


Sara Rojo



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