Janela de
4ª edição

Over the course of its first three editions, the Janela de Dramaturgia exhibition has gained national relevance as an initiative for the dissemination, stimulation and discussion of contemporary dramaturgy.

For its fourth edition, the visual identity reflected the event's growth, deepening its dialogue with the city from the perspective of “expanding landscapes”. The graphic proposal was organized around the documentation of urban interventions created by Estúdio Lampejo. In these interventions, dressed-up workers marked out cuts in urban landscapes using a yellow signaling tape. The interveners began the procedure as characters who exposed the processes of selection and composition of creative exercises, revealing tensions between a landscape and its surroundings; what it is capable of delimiting and what overflows from it.

✱ Graphic material: posters, exhibition catalog and programming postcards

Project specifics

Graphic project

Filipe Costa, João Emediato e Matheus Brisola (intern)

Portfolio photography

Mateus Lustosa

✱ Poster series

✱ catalog and programming postcards

✱ Launch video