Idolatria e

Idolatria and Masturbação are short stories books by the psychoanalyst Hugo Bento.

For Idolatria, we created a graphic project that puts the author's text in dialogue with the materiality of the object. Three guiding concepts were listed: Academic Normativity, Emptiness and Masculinity. The first translates into classical diagramming. The second is a game with text and sheet transparency. For the third concept, we have Davidson, a mechanical lathe operator that left grease marks on each copy, as inspired by one of the book's tales, 'Do Sangue à Graxa' (From Blood to Grease).

As for Masturbação, following a collection logic, the editorial project is preserved and we add a new element to it: the purple. In addition to transcendence, this color has the funeral dimension of royalty and, in the context of the ancient world, it is a symbol of power.

Project specifics

Graphic project

André Victor, Filipe Costa e Vinícius Souza

Layout - Idolatria

André Victor

Layout - Masturbação

Luísa Rabello


Rodrigo Mogiz


Hugo Bento

Portfolio photography

Mateus Lustosa

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