Gritocão is the third book of poetry by the actor and writer Assis Benevenuto. The work was conceived from the dialogue between the author and six different artists, invited to freely illustrate the author's poetry.

The creation of the graphic project and the serigraphy printing of the book were carried out by me in partnership with designer Mateus Sá. The craftsmanship of the process and the search for alternative printing materials are fundamental aspects of the work. The book is printed in two colors and consists of individual cardboard sheets, like postcards.

13 x 18cm - 46 pages

Project specifics

Graphic project

Filipe Lampejo e Mateus Sá

Silkscreen printing

Filipe Lampejo e Mateus Sá


Assis Benevenuto


Júlia Portes, Thereza Portes, Fofinski Dorado, Flora Lopes, Ana C. Bahia e Marina Rb.

The entire book was printed in two-color serigraphy and is composed of individual cardboard sheets, like postcards. Cardboard was chosen as a support for printing because it is a material that quickly expresses the temporal wear and tear of the work. The time dimension is a fundamental aspect of the book.