Grupo Galpão
35 Anos

Grupo Galpão is one of the most important companies in the Brazilian theater scene, whose origins are linked to the tradition of popular and street theater. Created in 1982, the group develops a theater that combines rigor, research, search for language, with the assembly of plays that have great communication power with the public.

To celebrate 35 years of the group's trajectory, we created the visual identity for the commemoration tour and a series of posters. Faced with this great celebration of Brazilian theater, we chose to create an original typographic design for the numbers applied in large proportions to the pieces. The delicate and geometric shapes merge with the halftone images and the star, which is the group's icon. The posters were printed in silkscreen in black and gold.

Project specifics

Garphic project

Filipe Costa, João Emediato e Luiza Máximo (intern)

Portfolio photography

Mateus Lustosa