⭑ Project selected for the 12th Brazilian Biennial of Graphic Design

Fauna is the sixth play by the Quatroloscinco theatre group. It breaks the traditional narrative, blurring the physical boundaries between stage and audience and creating a tour of situations that take the spectator into the scene. Referenced by the work The circuit of affections: political bodies, helplessness and the end of the individual, by philosopher Vladimir Safatle, the play discusses themes such as violence, desire, freedom, confessions and helplessness.

To create the visual identity of the play, 543 matchsticks were burned and lined up. The goal was to create an image/metaphor to talk about the human species and its twilight. To talk about us: animals, strangers, diverse. Our similarities and differences. To talk about organization, systems, belonging, representation. To talk about time, about the traces of an event.

✱ Graphic material: poster and show program

Project specifics

Graphic project

Filipe Lampejo, João Emediato e Hermano Lamas (intern)

Portfolio photography

Mateus Lustosa