Bronze at the Brasil Design Award (2021) - Editorial

The book Escafandrista brings together 144 chronicles written over ten years by the screenwriter and writer Louraidan Larsen. The stories were created from orality, from conversations the author holds with unknown people, from tales he hears on the streets and in public spaces. The book also has a preface by cartoonist Laerte Coutinho.

Like a scuba diver, the author is an investigator and lives in the depths, a place where he finds the subtleties and poetry of everyday stories. In graphic design, this dive is represented by the striking presence of blue on the cover as a counterpoint to the title aligned with the base of the book. In the text, the font Unit Slab was used, with square serifs, making an allusion to intimate writing on typewriters. The project was entirely printed in Pantone 072U.

12cm x 21cm - 248 pages

Project specifics

Graphic project

Filipe Lampejo


Fernando Poletti


Louraidan Larsen

Portfolio photography

Mateus Lustosa