Dançando com
as Palavras

Dançando com as Palavras (Dancing with Words) tells the story of how a girl with dyslexia apprehend herself and the world. In the book, we follow the protagonist's path before learning to read and write until she understands her disorder and learns to deal with it. The trajectory is presented in a poetic way, presenting another look at a dyslexic person.

The images were created from a combination of manual embroidery by artist Carol Grilo, pencil and charcoal drawings, digital illustration and the shapes of the typographic face Graúna (Typeoca). Thus, the images in the story speak to characteristics that are normally associated with people with dyslexia, such as learning kinesthetically, which is a different way the brain interprets letters, numbers and sounds. The book was printed entirely in three Pantone colors which, when combined, ensure legibility and make the images easier to understand.

28 x 23cm - 24 pages

Project specifics

Graphic project

Filipe Lampejo


Filipe Lampejo e Carol Grilo


Carol Grilo


Paula Gotelip


Cia. Mafagafos

✱ Video process