Cine Cidade

Mostra Cine Cidade is an audiovisual event that connects people, promotes Minas Gerais cinema and expands its access so that more people can create the habit of watching what has been produced in the state. The origin of the project is linked to the street cinema, its decentralization and productions outside the commercial circle. For the visual identity, we chose the dove as a symbol: a bird seen as ordinary and always present in all urban environments, from downtown to the suburbs. The visual elements, printed and digital, were created from a series of digitized pastel illustrations.

✱ Graphic material: printed poster, animated poster, wheat-pasted, digital communication, website and tote bag.

Project specifics

Graphic project

Filipe Lampejo e Rita Davis


Carolina Almeida

✱ Poster [printes and animated]

✱ Digital communication

✱ Website