⭑ Exhibited at the first edition of the Bonde design festival in New York
⭑ Featured in the Behance Graphic Design category

The project Breves Bandeiras had as its starting point the flags of cities, states, nations and associations, their role in everyday life and the principles that guide their creation. Thinking about them as a visual platform for creation seemed interesting to us because of their social meaning, their cultural connotations, and the process of creating and editing their forms.

Along the way, we find that we have too few certainties to uphold on a flag. That is why embroidering ephemeral flags, as opposed to official flags. An exercise on extreme formal restrictions on the composition of colors, shapes and symbols and on the representation of abstract and enigmatic sensations.

Project specifics

Conception and creation

Filipe Costa, João Emediato e Matheus Brisola (intern)


Elisa Maria

✱ the process

✱ the seven flags

✱ virtual auction