A Central

⭑ Featured at the 13th Brazilian Biennial of Graphic Design (2019)
⭑ Featured in the Behance Brand category

A Central was a restaurant and cultural space housed inside the CentoeQuatro: a historic building located next to the railway, built in 1906 to house one of the first industries in the newly founded capital of Minas Gerais. Since its inauguration, in 2018, A Central has become a relevant space at the intersection of gastronomy, architecture, design and culture in Belo Horizonte.

The initial process of creating the visual identity was based on two main points: historical and cultural aspects of the city as well as visual references from the railway universe. This research supported the development of a brand system composed of different logos and symbols. Then, the artist Paulo Marcelo Oz was invited to create a series of illustrations around the city's symbolic elements and personalities. When the two creative moments were combined, they provided a vibrant and emotional visual experience; articulating design, history and culture.

Project specifics

Graphic project

Filipe Lampejo, Gustavo Magno, Luiza Máximo, Marcelo Dante, Thomaz Lanna


Paulo Marcelo Oz


Lucas Durães

✱ Logo and variations

✱ Opening invitation

✱ Cultural journal

✱ Consumer cards

✱ Postcards

✱ Signaling and architecture

✱ Commemorative stamp

✱ Opening video