Pequena Coleção de Frases em Tempos de Fundos Pensamentos (Small Collection of Words in Time of Deep Thoughts) is the 18th production of Grupo Teatral Encena.

There is an intriguing story that says that Charles Darwin placed a live beetle in his mouth because he had no more room in his hands to carry it. The beetle defended itself by releasing acid in his tongue. This fact is told in the play and serves as a metaphor to speak about the power of words, the living force of a sentence coming out of someone's mouth, the importance of manifesting itself. After that, I started to look out for a real beetle to recreate that scene. The play, written by renowned director Silvia Gomez, is a bubbling collection of images and words, some of them acidic, toxic, others a breath, a comet.

✱ Graphic material: printed poster, folder and banner

Project specifics

Projeto gráfico

Filipe Lampejo


Filipe Lampejo e Vinícius de Souza


Guto Muniz

Process: photography | writing | diagramming

Banner and folder

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