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No Encalço dos Bufões, published by Javali, presents the research of Joaquim Elias Costa, a professor from Minas Gerais, dancer and theater director, about the universe of the bufão. Also known as harlequin, court joker, madman or clown, his figure is widely used in the arts, and in theater it was investigated by great masters such as the French author Jacques Lecoq.

The editorial project should reflect the idea of ​​disruption of order, thus exploring the psychological and historical portrait of the bufão. In addition to the mirror title, the publication has two identical covers that generate different reading possibilities and a certain disorder. The application of hot stamping on the letters F and the inverted numbering of the pages present a game of duality and inversion, concepts directly related to the archetype of buffoons.

15,7 x 22cm - 164 pages

Project specifics

Graphic project

Filipe Lampejo, João Emediato e Matheus Brisola (estagiário)




Joaquim Elias

Portfolio photography

Mateus Lustosa